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We Do Minimalist Jewelry Wholesale!

PLEASE NOTICE: We have recently gone through a rebranding and are now operating under the name BOSSA Jewels. All our latest designs can be found on our new website. Please request a wholesale account filling out the new form here.

If you are looking for minimalist jewelry wholesale providers you are in the right place! If you would like to sell our pieces through your business, contact us for more detailed information on wholesale pricing and conditions!

We have designed an exclusive shopping process for you, the retailer, that is smooth and easy.

Our minimalist jewelry wholesale prices are as competitive as it gets using the highest quality materials. All our pieces are 925 sterling silver, plated with 3 microns of 18k yellow or rose gold.

Whether your business is physical or online, our minimalist, dainty, timeless jewelry can be a great addition to your store.

At Bohemian Sands trust and honesty are part of our core values, and we take them very seriously. Due to this, we believe our values are key to a healthy wholesaler-retailer business relationship.

We pride ourselves on offering top quality customer service, fair and honest prices and high quality products.

Minimalist jewelry wholesale information!

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Minimalist jewelry wholesale tips:

First of all, before placing a large wholesale order, we always recommend our potential customers to place a small sample order. This is part of our trust and honesty compromise.

When buying minimalist jewelry, it’s important to see the real look and feel of the products you will be selling. The quality of the materials they’re made of and the durability of the pieces is also key. Hence why we recommend and offer sample orders.

Placing a sample order will allow you to test the products. We want you to be confident that you will be selling high quality pieces.

Email us at and we will inform you on wholesale prices as well as on how to place your order! 😉

*Express shipping prices as well as estimated delivery times will be applied to wholesale orders. For information on local and international prices and estimated delivery times click here.


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